Hosted Exchange

PowerOne Get Started with PowerCloud Hosted ExchangePowerCloud Hosted Exchange is PowerOne's high-availablility hosted exchange service, designed to meet enterprise requirements for a high availability email solution.

PowerCloud PowerCloud Hosted Exchange PowerCloud Hosted Exchange PowerCloud Hosted Exchange


PowerCloud Hosted Exchange

PowerOne's PowerClould Hosted Exchange provides the small business market and enterprises with secure, scalable exchange email services in the cloud. With features such as Activesync, Secure encryption, backup, and archiving our hosted exchange service allows you to maintain full control of your email service without the hassle of maintaining the hardware or sofware.




Save time and money with Hosted Exchange

Get the power of Microsoft Exchange without the cost of and headaches of managing it. As a leader in Hosted Exchange, PowerOne can provide you a high availability Exchange service while saving you from the cost of managing your own server and Exchange services. Running Microsoft Exchange in-house is a resource-intensive, costly investment in both physical infrastructure and the daily management.

PowerCloud Hosted Exchange is Secure and always Available!

PowerOne's PowerCloud Hosted Exchange features the lastest version of Exchange 2013. Hosted Exchange is a powerful and secure email platform for communicating with employees and customers from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Anywhere Anytime Any Device Access

Stay connected. With Hosted Exchange at PowerOne, you'll have secure access to your mail anytime from any device. Powersupport provides full support to workstations and laptops using email applications like Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage, Mac Mail and more. You'll even has access on the go with full Activesync support for a full range of mobile devices and Outlook Web App will allow you to communicate with via web browser