Security Assessment & Audit

PowerOne request a free consultationThreats from the Internet are increasing at a staggering rate and data theft is reaching epidemic proportions. Protect yourself and your company before data theft occurs. With the PowerOne Security Assessment and Audit you can quickly identify and correct vulnerabilities before they cost you downtime or lost revenue.

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PowerOne Security Assessments

Industry experts estimate that 9 out of 10 networks have potential security vulnerabilites sitting undetected. Don't wait for theft to occur, get a PowerOne Secuirty Assessment and Audit today! Our assessments will uncover your vulnerabilitites and provide you with recommendations to resolve those vulnerabilities quickly




How It Works

Our security experts will dispatch to your location and run a non-intrustive security scan on the network. There is no software or agents to install. PowerOne will also run a vulnerability scan from outside of your network via your Internet connections. Every device that is visable on the network via the TCP/IP networking protocol will be interviewed and cataloged. This will include devices connected via WAN and VPN connections. PowerOne will take that data and turn it into a user friendly audit report detailing all the discoverd vulnerabilities and recommenations for resolving those security concerns.

Static Secuirty Products Are Not Enough

There are many effective tools and techniques that can help you address many of the common threats and problems, including firewalls, virus production tools, Internet Content filtering, and more. However, if any of these tools were 100% effective, there would be no security breaches. As soon as a known threat is addressed by these tools, a new one emerges.

And if you're the one who is responsible for specifying, installing, and/or managing these tools, you absolutely need to make sure that they're working on a regular basis. Even if the hardware and software are effective month after month, there's no guarantee that they'll be effective tomorrow.

Maximum Savings

Data Theft and Network Attacks can cost a company thousands of dollars in lost revenue from downtime and IT resources and possibily open itself to millions of dollars lost in litigation. Protect your company now with a PowerOne Secuirty Assessment Audit!